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True traditions

– With a clear conscience

The Christmas tree is the centre of the most pleasant family traditions. The choice of a natural Christmas tree gives scent and true Christmas atmosphere.
This means that we can enjoy the traditions of Christmas and the time we spend with family and friends even more – with a clear conscience.

Choose a truly natural Christmas tree because:


  • - Christmas trees produce oxygen and CO2 for 8-12 years
  • - The Christmas tree is biologically degradable
  • - Christmas trees has the scent of true nature
  • - Christmas tree plantations stabilise the soil and protect 
natural waterholes
  • - Christmas tree plantations are swarmed with wild animals
  • - The production of a Christmas tree only emits 8% Co2 compared 
to the production of an artificial Christmas tree
  • - The production is carried out close to the individual markets in 
Europe which provides local jobs and minimize the transport burden
  • - With correct waste management, it will do good as wood chips, ­environmentally friendly heating, etc.
  • - More Christmas trees are planted each year than are sold


A truly natural Christmas tree – for the sake of traditions and the environment.

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